About the Author Edward C Rich

     Born and raised in the Akron, Ohio I spent my early years with Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.  After college, they took a chance on me and moved me to St Louis, Mo. to represent them selling plastics packaging to the supermarket industry and covering Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, as well as parts of Iowa and Illinois.

     After moving to Tulsa Oklahoma I joined Mobil Chemical Company, a division of Mobil Oil selling Industrial Plastics in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and parts of Missouri, Texas and Kansas.  I was promoted and moved to Detroit where my team introduced and sold plastic handle bags to the supermarket industry.  While in Detroit I covered Michigan and Ohio.

     Moving back to Akron, I joined MCI Telecommunications as Branch Manager of the northern tier of Ohio where I managed a large team of salespeople, their supervisors and a customer service group selling long distance to companies spending large amounts each month.  I lead them from last place to first place in the country in less than 3 years.

     I moved from telecommunications over to courier service and air freight.  After my time with TNT Express International as Branch Manager in Cleveland, I was recruited to join Roadway Global Air as Branch Manager and built a completely new organization in Cleveland where we quickly became one of the top air freight branches in the new company.

      After RGA, I joined Crain Communications in Detroit and sold and managed advertising for 26 years eventually becoming Director of Sales traveling the world as my team and I sold our international trade shows.

      The one true constant in my life has been Sales and my ability to teach and manage Sales Skills.


  Close Every Sales Call is Dedicated to the

Profession That I Love!


Master the Concepts and Skills in this Book and you will have a Long and Prosperous Career in Sales!


Close Every Sales Call is a great resource for any sales professional. Unlike so many theoretical “how to” sales books, CESC is clear, concise and cuts right to the point. It’s not only written for sales people, it’s written by a sales guy who knows the business — period.

As a business owner, I’m constantly in sales mode and Close Every Sales Call! has become my go to source.

Close Every Sales Call is a huge help to any HR Professional who is recruiting a sales force.  This book helps me recognizing great salespeople with the right qualities for success.  The information on time management is particularly helpful.  I found the information on sales managers invaluable when promoting and retaining top talent.  This book is a great tool for organizations to gain insight into the challenges successful salespeople face and the management skills needed in our organization.    

An essential guidebook for anyone in sales, from first-timers to experienced road warriors. You're not '"selling the steak; you're selling the sizzle". Close Every Sales Call provides the framework for being an expert in sales.

The anecdotes and advice in Close Every Sales Call! are refreshingly candid, practical and universal.